Preacher,  Evangelist, and Author  of over 40 Books &Booklets


 December 30, 1918 –May 3, 2010

Hugh F. Pyle was born in Portsmouth, VA on December 30, 1918.  He gave his life to the Lord when he was ten years old.

Dr. Pyle preached in small country churches in central Florida, before pastoring the First Baptist Church of Groveland, FL, Brent Baptist Church in Pensacola, FL, Cove Baptist Church in Panama City, and Central Baptist Church, also in Panama City.   In 1960 he founded Panama City Christian School.

In 1973 he began a ministry of full-time evangelism, traveling to 46 states, faithfully preaching God’s Word and encouraging churches and pastors for nearly 25 years.

He also served as a staff evangelist for the Sword of the Lord publication, and is the author of 47 books and booklets.

  Dr.Pyle’s children use proceeds from the sale of his books to provide scholarships to preacher boys.

Hugh Pyle Classics 
Dr. Pyle has compiled his eight greatest
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Hugh Pyle is the author of more than
forty books and booklets, and is a
contributing columnist for the Sword
of the Lord.

He has built strong, inspiring Baptist
churches and has had a far-reaching
ministry in the field of evangelism.

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"Heaven's Hope for a Hopeless World." 
13 life-changing messages by Doctor Pyle. 

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Where Is The Shepherd Of The Flock?
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Recipes for Cooking and Living
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